About us


Our corporate philosophy


The food and beverage selection offered in the Klinglwirt as well as the arrangement of furniture and the entire concept of the Klinglwirt follows the guiding principle “The simple things are often the best”.

Quality & Regionalism

We offer only quality products in the Klinglwirt. The handpicked combination of food and beverage menus are geared to traditional Bavarian food and local preferences, wherever applicable, local products are sourced. The Klinglwirt has a clear position regarding animal welfare and uses only meat which is produced in appropriate and ecological and ethical ways. Our guests can expect a cordial time whenever they visit the Klinglwirt and at the same time professional service. Our staff is characterized by respectfulness, self-esteem and empathy.


Not enough that the Klinglwirt is aware of it’s responsibility for the environment and the society, it does justice to these matters in it’s way of conducting business. This is done, among other things, by the purchase of regional and preferably organic products, the economical use of resources such as energy, water and paper as well as respect and esteem to all individuals, companies and institutions which come into contact with the Klinglwirt.