A book about the Klinglwirt origins


If you ever wanted to know why we pour Löwenbräu as we do, why this animal with the strange towel around his head is on the wall and why the mirror in the men’s room hangs so high, you need to go back to the days of Sonja’s grandfather. You will find all the answers and more in the the book “Three beers and the fourth ” written by Maria Ross Bauer, the best friend of the landlady. It contains a lot of funny and serious stories about the founding of the Klinglwirts and Sonja’s experiences as a new landlady.

And so it all began …

If we had known earlier the effects that mulled wine has on the drinker, we would probably have drunk a lot more, more often. Well, maybe not, so the taste of hot wine is actually like “pappsüße”, a sugar broth with grape juice in it. Sonja grimaced when she had her first sip but maybe it was that we were sitting on plastic chairs in a wooden shack that was to blame, not the mulled wine. Plastic chairs are always a sign of cheap taste and lack of quality. I have never eaten a delicious home cooked meal in an establishment with plastic chairs, only frozen pizza, canned sausages or frozen fries. Also the infamous and dreadful filter coffee that used to be sold in pubs with plastic chairs. However the kiosks selling Glühwein ( mulled wine ) far and wide only provided plastic chairs and we were in need of a mulled wine because it was so extremely cold, so we had to suffer the plastic chair.

I had moved to Hamburg and we were having one of the coldest winters for years. On the radio they said that this much snow had not been seen here for a very long time, this was in 2010. Despite the severe weather Sonja visited me anyway, for a couple of days she slept on the floor of my tiny room, then it was time for her to go back to Munich, which is where we both come from. We are not from Munich itself but from villages located nearby, Sonja comes from Antholing, a small village to the south of Munich. I come from Dürnhart, a small village in the north but it was in Munich that we met and became friends. We spent a lot of time together, especially in pubs drinking beer, wine or liquors. We were both working in Munich in order to finance our studies. Both of us were hoping to qualify in tourism / hotel management, a familiar life for Sonja, the innkeeper’s daughter.

We worked in one of the bars for more than five years, Sonja and I juggled with plates full of sandwiches, ham noodles and huge salads, serving a hungry and howling mob. We poured and served gallons of wheat beer, pilsner and Helle and took control of the daily chaos. The best  waiters / waitresses float around the full and busy premises like ghosts but is also during these busy times that they can stumble and a couple of beers are accidentally tipped onto the lap of a guest, or another popular variation was a strawberry milkshake down the back of the neck. At the same time the guests at the next table want to order a salad without peppers but with extra cheese and a small radler with bottled water instead of soda.


We negotiated with temperamental chefs, wiped floors, soothed the moods of wet or sprayed guests with a free shot and through all this we fought the acute urge to start screaming.  At the end of one of those long, busy days, we would fall exhausted onto a bar stool, let our heads drop on the counter and share some jokes with the remaining three of our regular customers. Just relieved that everything was finally quiet and still.

Meanwhile, I finally graduated as a biologist, Sonja graduated as a business economist, and here we were working as waitresses.
More we do not want to reveal! For a little more you can visit : http://mariarossbauer.jimdo.com/was-zu-kaufen/

“3 Bier auf die 4” was published in November 2013 at the Del Rey paperback publishing house. To buy the book, of course it is available at the Klinglwirt, together with a meal voucher. For all non-Munich residents it is also available from Amazon and in good specialist book shops.