Family celebration or celebrating with friends

Are you planning a birthday party, a wedding or a baptism? Are you picturing a typical Bavarian breakfast with weisswurst sausages in a cozy tavern? Or are you picturing a more formal event with white tablecloths? Do you just want to offer your guests a smallsnack or would you prefer a 4-course meal with an aperitif and very good wine? Are sustainability and organic, free-range meat important to you? o you want to make sure that the vegetarians in your group have delicious options? Then, you should call us right away!

Celebrating with children and senior citizens? Or is it going to be a party with a keg of beer and dancing? Whatever you want!

Regardless of whether you want to have a laid-back party at which your guests can pour themselves a beer directly from a keg or a more family-friendly party at which all of your older guests have a comfortable place to sit and there are specific meals for children, a changing table, and corner full of toys: Everyone is welcome here!

We have room for a maximum of 110 people. If you are planning on having more than 60 guests, then we would recommend that you reserve the entire restaurant. We don’t have any separate rooms, but our restaurant does have plenty of cozy corners, niches, and platforms. So, even during normal operational hours, you will still have your own separate area. Call us today to make your reservation or just come by!

Sonja Obermeier, Owner
+49 89 856 761 99

Examples of possible menu

Menu Classic of summer 2022 (PDF)