Our roast pork

…is the best roast pork in Munich!

That’s definitely what our guests say and they must know 😊

We make it fresh every day, our roast pork from Herrmannsdorf organic pork, with natural dark beer gravy, one potato and one organic bread dumpling, served with a small Bavarian coleslaw.

The basic ingredients: What we use to make the best roast pork

The most important thing about roast pork is, of course, the quality of the meat. We make no compromises here! We use the best organic meat we can get from the region, namely from our partner, the Herrmannsdorfer. After all, quality starts with the rearing and keeping of the animals. In Herrmannsdorf, the old and robust livestock breed, the Schwäbisch-Hällische Landschwein, is bred. The pigs all have access to the outdoors and are pampered with high-quality, regional organic feed. There is much more to know about how the pigs are reared for our roast pork. There are also regular farm and butchery tours in Herrmannsdorf. There you can also find out, for example, how gentle and low-stress slaughtering affects the quality of the meat.

But of course, the quality of the basic products is also crucial when it comes to dumplings. We use dumpling bread from Martin’s wood-fired oven bakery in Grafing for our organic bread dumplings. The bread is made from home-grown natural sourdough. We collect the organic eggs for the dumplings ourselves from the “Zehatmoarhof” farm. The farm in Bairer Winkl is Naturland-certified, uses 100% organic feed from Bavaria and is part of the Hen & Rooster initiative. This means that the male chicks are also reared. Of course, the milk in our bread dumplings is also organic. We buy organic milk from Berchtesgadener Land to ensure that the farmers receive a fair price for it. We make the potato dumplings from Burgis potato dumpling dough. Burgis Knödelliebe is a family business from the Upper Palatinate, which in turn sources its potatoes from 67 family farms in the region (max. 80 km away). So they are 100% Bavarian! And all these excellent ingredients ensure the wonderful taste of our dumplings. Just give it a try!

The preparation of Munich’s best roast pork

Just this much: we use neck rump instead of shoulder. This means that our roast pork does not have a crispy rind. But the meat is simply juicier this way and after many attempts we have chosen this version for the Klinglwirt because we think it tastes better this way. The sauce is natural, i.e. not thickened, as is the Bavarian tradition. And the rest remains a secret 😊

The story of roast pork in Munich

Roast pork has a very long tradition, and not just in Bavaria. In Munich, it is traditionally served with a natural gravy, “jus” as the French call it, and of course with dumplings. Served with a fresh coleslaw. It’s like minestrone in Italy, every restaurant and every family has its own recipe…

Nutritional values and health aspects of roast pork

Roast pork contains a lot of protein and vitamin B12. It also contains zinc and selenium and, of course, carbohydrates with the dumplings and gravy. So a pork roast is also really filling. Nevertheless, frequent consumption of red meat is of course not really healthy. Our tip: don’t eat meat so often, but when you do, make sure it comes from really good organic livestock farming!

Our variations of organic roast pork

To ensure that everyone gets the pork roast that suits them, we have introduced different variations and portion sizes. It is available in small (just one dumpling of your choice), medium and large. Of course, you can also change the side dishes. So if, for example, you prefer two bread dumplings and a mixed salad instead of coleslaw with your roast pork, you’re very welcome! And last but not least, we also have roast pork for children. There are no herbs on the dumplings, we also leave out the coleslaw and it’s much cheaper for our younger guests. Also important to know: As we prepare our roast pork fresh from the oven every day, there is of course always something left over. We then use it to make our equally popular Bavarian Gröstl or thinly sliced roast for the snack board or, in summer, brawn or cold roast with vinaigrette and horseradish. So there are plenty of variations for our Herrmannsdorfer organic roast pork… What’s your favorite?

“Hard facts” about our roast pork

The roast pork, or more precisely its side dishes, contain the following main allergens: wheat, barley, egg, milk, celery. The vinegar in the coleslaw contains sulphites and the potato dumplings contain a natural antioxidant. No other additives are included.

The prices for our organic roast pork range from 14.50 for the children’s roast pork to 36.90 for the very large organic roast pork with 3 dumplings. If you want to find out more, take a look at our menu!