The best schnitzel in Munich

…you get with us in Klinglwirt!

Because it comes from really happy pigs 😊

Golden-brown baked schnitzel made from the best organic meat in the region, namely from Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten. Served with Bavarian organic potatoes, either fried or as potato salad. An Alpine classic made from organic products from our Bavarian farmers!

Why is our schnitzel the best? Because of the ingredients!

We use the excellent organic meat from Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten for our Wiener-style schnitzel. For our classic schnitzel, we use the loin of the Swabian-Hall pork, an old, particularly robust variety. The pigs all have access to the outdoors and are pampered with high-quality, regional organic feed. There is much more to know about how the pigs are reared for our schnitzel. There are also regular farm and butchery tours in Herrmannsdorf. There you can also find out, for example, how gentle and low-stress slaughtering affects the quality of the meat. Of course, the original Wiener Schnitzel is made with veal, but we think it tastes just as good with pork and it remains moderately priced and affordable for everyone, despite the excellent basic products in organic quality.

Of course, the breading is also important for schnitzel. We also use regional organic products for this, such as the organic eggs from the “Zehatmoarhof” farm. The farm in Bairer Winkl is Naturland-certified, uses 100% organic feed from Bavaria and is part of the Hen & Rooster initiative. This means that the male chicks are also reared. We serve organic roast potatoes as a side dish. We source the potatoes from organic farmers in the area surrounding Munich. And this high-quality regional food ensures the delicious taste of our schnitzel. Come by and see for yourself!

This is how we prepare the schnitzel, in Munich and elsewhere…

To ensure that the schnitzel cooks evenly and doesn’t shrink during frying, it is pounded thinly beforehand. This makes it tender and juicy on the inside and crispy and crunchy on the outside, just as it should be! We fry the schnitzel in the classic way in the fat in the pan until it is golden and crispy. We garnish it with a slice of lemon and, of course, cranberries are a must for “Viennese style”.

The story or legend of the schnitzel

There is a story that Field Marshal Radetzky brought the recipe back from Italy in 1857, meaning that the well-known Wiener Schnitzel is actually a modified version of the Italian “Cotoletta milanese”. But is it true? No one knows for sure 😉 In any case, the schnitzel has been appearing under various names in cookbooks and restaurants in German-speaking countries since the 19th century and its success story began. Back then, it was still considered a festive dish and was only served on special occasions. Today, it is impossible to imagine menus in Austria, Bavaria and Alpine restaurants all over the world without the Wiener Schnitzel or Wiener-style schnitzel! And here in Munich, we like our schnitzel breaded with mustard and horseradish. More on this below in the description of our variations!

How nutritious and healthy is a schnitzel?

A classic schnitzel contains a lot of protein and vitamin B12, but of course also a lot of fat due to the breading. It’s healthier with a salad, which is why many guests order this with it. The fried potatoes enrich the dish with complex carbohydrates. We recommend a protein-rich side dish, such as lentil or bean salad, with the veggie schnitzel. In any case, the schnitzel makes you really full and happy!

The best schnitzel has many faces and Munich has its very own version

The classic that we have on the menu all year round is the organic Wiener-style schnitzel with fried potatoes and cranberries. The schnitzel is also available as a small portion. We also have a children’s schnitzel on the menu for our younger guests. Of course, we are also happy to bring you ketchup. In summer, the Munich schnitzel is a firm fixture on our menu. Our regulars love this spicy version. Before breading, the meat is coated with a mixture of horseradish and mustard. It is then served with fresh horseradish and Bavarian organic potato salad. We always have the Linzer Schnitzel on the seasonal menu. This is breaded with flaked almonds and served with a yoghurt dip and salad. A wonderful light version of the best organic schnitzel in Munich. And during asparagus season, we serve the schnitzel with our foil-free asparagus spears. Is that it? No! We also often have vegetarian or vegan schnitzels on the menu. Depending on the season, we use kohlrabi, celery or cauliflower. We also serve various side dishes, such as an Alblinsen salad with apples and onions. Come by and try our schnitzel variations!

“Hard facts” about our organic schnitzel

The schnitzel, or more precisely its breading, contains the following main allergens: wheat, egg and milk. The cranberries and, if present, the vinegar in the salad contain sulphites. The best schnitzel in the world, er, in Munich, contains no additives.

The prices for our schnitzel range from 14.50 for the organic children’s schnitzel to 27.90 for our classic schnitzel made from Herrmannsdorf organic pork, the “Viennese style” schnitzel or the “Munich schnitzel”!