Sustainability & Environmental Protection

Organically produced food has a much better climate footprint than conventionally produced food. However, since we desire to ensure that our meals are affordable, we have not reached the level of 100% organic ingredients yet. Nevertheless, since we opened in 2011, we have constantly been increasing the number of organic products we use in our meals.

A vegetarian diet is significantly more beneficial to the environment as compared to consuming meat. That is why our Bavarian tavern offers an above average amount of vegetarian meals.

Of course, the restaurant industry is all about food. But it is also possible to do things for the environment in other aspects. For example, we receive all of our electricity from renewable resources, and this is something that we have done from the very beginning.

Here is a list of things that Klinglwirt has done to protect the environment:

2011 (things we have been doing since we opened)

  • 100% Bavarian organic meat, delivered by Herrmannsdorfer Farms
  • 100% organic bread
  • All of our fish comes from Lake Starnberger and is caught using sustainable fishing practices
  • Schnapps and eggs are delivered by farmers located in areas around Munich
  • Have abstained from using disposable coffee-to-go cups and disposable packaging
  • Restoration and use of old tavern furnishings instead of buying new furniture
  • Receiving 100% electricity from renewable resources as provided by Munich’s public utilities


  • Actively advertising small portions on the menu


  • Encouraging guests to take home leftovers in our biodegradable containers (since 2016 this has been highlighted by a note in our menus)


  • Switched to 100% organic cheese made from cow’s milk
  • Switched to organic non-concentrated apple juice (there is only one option, due to a purchase obligation from our landlord, Spaten-Löwenbräu)


  • Switched to 100% organic ice cream
  • Organic beer from Dachauer Schlossbrauerei is offered for the first time (only one option of organic beer, due to a purchase obligation from our landlord Spaten-Löwenbräu)


  • Switched to 100% organic coffee, tea and milk
  • Plastic straws replaced by paper straws or actual straws
  • Switch to biodegradable hand soap and detergent


  • Replaced old lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs in most of the lighting
  • Purchase of new energy-efficient cooling units
  • No more imported flowers
  • Increased the choices of organic wine
  • Added more organic products (for example: Sauerkraut, spelt flour, …)
  • Switched to 100% organic potatoes


  • Continued use of organic seasonal vegetables in our weekly menus

We are still working on and will continue to work on making our tavern more environmentally sustainable. Come visit us at Klinglwirt and support us as we go down this path.