What we do

We make traditional Bavarian meals with organic ingredients and with many vegetarian options. This, along with some of the other things we do, is our contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. We know we’re not perfect, but at least we’ve started. Plus, we hope that other restaurants will follow our lead and go down the same path!

We are continuing a family tradition. Just like at the old Klinglwirt one hundred years ago, we have families, companies, neighbors and friends, tourists, and locals all come to our restaurant. We adhere to the traditional Bavarian tavern culture, in which it’s not just about eating and drinking, but rather about coming together as one. Our menu is short and simple, mostly so you don’t have to spend your time reading when you’re with us. Instead, you can spend your time playing cards, talking about anything and everything, celebrating any kind of event you can imagine, and, of course, enjoying traditional Bavarian meals that are made with organic ingredients!

Come join us!

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