Our Partners & Producers

All of our beef and pork including the various meat-based sausages are, without exception, provided by Herrmannsdorfer Farms, which is a farm that is located close to Glonn. Hermannsdorfer Farms is an organically oriented farm that does an exemplary job of practicing sustainable animal husbandry.

We would also recommend you try our roasted pork, which we prepare fresh everyday from organic pork neck from Hermannsdorfer Farms.

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The fishery / fish farm Sebald in Ammerland (Münsing) on Lake Starnberger has been owned by the same family for generations, and it is also a member of the Würmsee Fishery Association. This association ensures that the fish stock in Lake Starnberger (previously called Würmsee) is maintained and protected, therefore making sure that the fishing industry there is sustainable. Furthermore, the association supports the continuation of the family-owned businesses. One can only become a member of this association if you have completed a degree in the fishing industry and you meet other stringent requirements.

You can have the fish cakes that come directly from Sebald’s farm store with various side dishes (depending on the time of the year). Plus, we offer fried char on a regular basis at our restaurant.

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In the beautiful “Bairer Corner”, in the very southern part of the Ebersberger District (where, by the way, the “old” Klinglwirt used to be), you will find Stroblberger Farm. A farm that is run by the Neuner Family and that adheres to organic farming as set out by the Naturland Association’s regulations. The dairy cows at Stroblberger Farm have a large open stall that is covered in straw, and in the summer, the cows are free to roam the pasture at any time. Furthermore, since a large majority of the cows’ food includes grass from the pasture, their milk is especially rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (1.5g/100g fat).

We exclusively use the organic cheese from Stroblberger Farm for our cheese and meat platters and our cheese dumplings. You have to try it!

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Freilandei (Free-range eggs)

In the beautiful “Bairer Corner”, in the very southern part of the Ebersberger District (where, by the way, the “old” Klinglwirt used to be) is the family-run farm of Hans and Gitti Riedl, which is named “Zehatmoarhof”. The eggs provided by Zehatmoarhof all come from free-range chickens, which are only fed food that is grown locally and that is free from genetically engineered ingredients. The farmers there grow their own soy, wheat and oats. Everything at the farm is produced using the strict organic guidelines provided by “Unser Land”.

Try the award-winning egg liqueur “Gack” or on Sundays you can order our oven baked Kaiserschmarrn (sugar pancakes), which we make from eggs provided by “Zehatmoarhof”.

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Lenz Organic Farm

The Lenz Organic Farm is located in Zorneding, which is a small town located a few kilometers to the east of Munich. Franz Lenz Junior and his wife Birgit took over the farm from his father in 1992, and he quickly became a pioneer in organic farming in the Ebersberg district. We get all our potatoes from Lenz Organic Farm because they are grown without the use of chemical growth promoters, which means they have plenty of time to develop valuable nutrients and flavor.

Try our homemade mashed potatoes made from Lenz Organic Farm potatoes. You will easily be able taste the difference!

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Epos Biopartner Süd provides large-scale consumers with high-quality food products that are produced from verified organic farming practices. Thereby, Epos strongly supports the local economy and uses many locally grown products.

The organic sauerkraut that is served alongside the pork sausages from Herrmannsdorfer Farms as well as other products like our organic spelt flour and the corn salad that comes with our cheese noodles (Käsespätzle) are all ordered from Epos.

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Del Fiore

Stefano de Giglio and his Munich-based ice cream manufactory, Del Fiore, has reinvented the art of making ice cream. Instead of using the same basis for all of his ice cream, he has developed an individual ice cream basis for each of his different types of ice cream. Furthermore, each basis is made from different types of sugar, high quality proteins, and essential fats. It is an innovation that radically improves the flavor of the ice cream. Furthermore, Del Fiore insists on only using organic ingredients.

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Merchant & Friends

The coffee roastery Merchant & Friends in Herrmannsdorf constantly looks for and finds the best organic raw materials and transforms them into the best coffee.

The best way to finish off an evening of delicious food at Klinglwirt is by having an organic espresso made from the Merchant House Blend (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta).

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